Sticking Start/Stop Button on Janome 9700

Janome Start Stop ButtonI’ve recently had to replace two start/stop buttons on Janome 9700s. When pressed, the top of the button wedges into the plastic cover, and does not pop back out. I know if I’ve had to replace two in such a short time, there must be a lot of 9700 owners who will have a start/stop button that will give them this problem.

This problem may apply to other Janome models, but I have only seen it on 9700s. The fix is to replace the button, which requires removing the front cover of the machine, and a small circuit board.

Janome has a new start/stop button for the 9700, and it has a little plastic leg on the back. The leg prevents the button from wedging into the plastic cover. The button itself is not expensive, so if you are having a problem with your start/stop button, bring it in to Brian, or another Janome dealer!